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The purpose of the programme is to develop efficient instruments, based on artificial intelligence for the environmental protection taken into account that at present both at national and international level the two domains, environmental protection and artificial intelligence (by the knowledge based solutions they provide), are of strategic interest. The processes associated to the environment are not easy to be modelled and controled, as they involve the use of incomplete and uncertain knowledge. Therefore, new performant instruments are needed in order to solve the environment problems. Artificial intelligence could provide efficient solutions to the complex problems of the environment, that take into account both quantitative and qualitative, spatial and temporal aspects of the environmental processes. Among the artificial intelligence techniques that could be used with success in environmental protection we mention the following: knowledge based systems, machine learning, case based reasoning, decision support systems, artificial neural networks and intelligent agents. The postdoctorate programme proposes the study of artificial intelligence techniques application in environmental protection and the analyses of their efficiency.

The programme comprises three major research themes:
      1) study of the multiagent systems application in environmental protection (the multiagent modelling of the monitoring and control systems),
      2) study of artificial neural networks application in environmental protection (the development of an efficient instrument for the short/medium term prediction of the enviromental pollution state),
      3) study of the knowledge based method application in environmental protection (the development of a knowledge based system for the environmental pollution state diagnosis and its control).

The three themes aim to provide original solutions to the main types of problems encountered in environmental protection (monitoring, diagnosis and control).

Period of programme running: April, 1, 2006 - April, 1, 2008
Value of the contract: 95300 EURO
Contracting Authority: UEFISCSU
Contractor: University Petroleum-Gas of Ploiesti
Postdoctoral Programme Manager: Prof. dr. ing. Mihaela OPREA (Department of Informatics)

Postdoctoral Researchers:
      1. PhD. Math. Camil Constantin NICHITA
      2. PhD. Math. Emil LUNGU
      3. PhD. Eng. Daniel DUNEA

The postdoctorate programme has a certain degree of interdisciplinarity by the fact that proposes the application of artificial intelligence techniques in environmental protection. The main purpose of the interdisciplinary research is to improve the performances of the environmental protection management activity by using artificial intelligence techniques.

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